Aurik Capital, a Section 12J Venture Capital Company

Aurik Capital invests in SMEs with R20 – R200 million in annual revenues. Aurik Capital’s pipeline of investments originates from Aurik Business Accelerator’s portfolio of businesses.

Aurik Business Accelerator has a diversified portfolio of over 300 business owners whose average age is 47. This means that their commitment, investment and sacrifice in building these businesses can only be realised through an exit preceded by growth.

Aurik Business Accelerator – founded by Pavlo Phitidis and Carien Engelbrecht

Aurik Business Accelerator was founded 9 years ago to accelerate the growth and value of existing, established businesses in South Africa. The growing portfolio is supported by a national team through a digital platform using real time data analytics to secure the agreed growth targets the businesses are capable of.

Aurik Capital seeks to provide investors with returns resulting from investments into growing businesses that:

  • Have no choice but to grow, even in a slow economy - invest into the most committed participants in the SA economy today, business owners who are experienced, driven and growth oriented with skin in the game.

  • Have a vision to exit at significantly greater value – Aurik works with business owners to build a solid, scalable foundation able to bear the weight of growth. Accelerated growth and increased profitability and hence exiting at a maximum price in 3 to 7 years becomes the core focus of the business owners.

  • Target aggressive but achievable returns – in 2018, Aurik’s portfolio of businesses grew their revenues by an average of 29.8%. Aurik Capital will target an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) to investors, in excess of 20% per annum.

  • Have access to a deeply connected, experienced and skilled leadership – Pavlo Phitidis has over 20 years of direct experience in conceptualising, starting and developing businesses. He is well known as the resident business growth content contributor for Radio 702 and Cape Talk.

  • Have hands on mentorship, oversight and direction - a team of more than 50 professionals will have a finger on the pulse of Aurik Capital’s investments, providing the necessary support, oversight and direction required.

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